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If you live in New York, you may want to start your search where is the best place to get boxes for moving on Craiglist. The site has a section for free items. On a New York-specific Craigslist page, you can find over 20 sources for free boxes. Another option is to look for them in your local group, such as Freecycle. The liquor stores often have a surplus of boxes. Books need special moving boxes, and bookstores can also give them to you for free.

Have A Quick Search On Google

If you’re looking for boxes for free, you can always turn to the internet. A quick search on Google will yield hundreds of results. Many people post items for free on Craigslist, so there’s a good chance you’ll find a box that fits your needs. You can also try eBay for cheap boxes. But if you want to avoid buying boxes and shipping them yourself, you’ll have to be patient and shop around.

The best way to get free moving boxes is to recycle them.

You can also try using old packing materials and box cutters. Reusing them can make your move more affordable and environmentally friendly, and it’s also great for the environment. One of the most popular online places to get boxes is It has so many options and products, and it has attracted small and large retailers. You can find all sorts of moving boxes on Amazon, from simple to elaborate. It’s a great option to get boxes if you have to pack many items.

Schools can be a great place to start if you need boxes at the last minute.

They often have a surplus of empty storage boxes and may even offer free boxes for moving. While the school is unlikely to offer packing peanuts or bankers boxes, they will give you free boxes for moving. While you shouldn’t contact the school unless you have a direct affiliation with the school, you can contact the administrative staff at the school and ask about empty moving boxes.

The best time to look for boxes for moving is early in the week, right after the weekend. There are many online options for these items. You can also buy boxes from the manufacturer, Uline, or even Walmart. Usually, the prices are competitive. The company also offers free shipping, which is a huge plus. The company is also an excellent place to look for last-minute boxes.


If you have a small budget, the best place to get boxes for moving is The site is a popular shopping destination, and you can even find free boxes on If you want to buy boxes from the manufacturer, you can check out their message board. Most major stores have a large selection of boxes, so it’s important to take time to compare them. 


Uline is an online platform that specializes in home improvement products. The best place to get boxes for moving is Uline, an online marketplace that manufacturers offer free boxes. Uline is a popular site for moving supplies and offers free boxes from manufacturers. While you can find boxes at any of these stores, it’s still best to check out other options. You can also check out a message board on uLine to find free boxes. Various retailers offer free shipping to their customers.

Local Hardware Store

You can also purchase boxes at the local hardware store. Home Depot and Lowes are two places where you can find moving boxes for sale. These stores have many different options and can also ship them to your new home. If you need many boxes, you can use a service like UHaul, and you can exchange the boxes in the same manner. It’s not a bad idea to buy extra-large or medium-sized boxes for moving.

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