Moving truck and house

Perfect Timing Moving is a company that will support you through every step of your Residential Moving process. Our training emphasizes personalization, care, respect, attention to detail, and a personalized approach. We are all committed to making your move successful.


How our residential moving process goes


Our relocation consultant is responsible to assess your move needs, discuss your options, and calculate your moving costs. After that, We will survey your home along with the items that require moving.


Packing and loading

Above all, Our professional moving team, which includes a designated driver along with packers and movers, are more than just drivers who load the moving trucks and move the boxes. The team of movers assigned to your move is responsible for physically moving your items.


This includes:

  • Protecting your home and valuables with protective coverings
  • Preparing a detailed list of all items.
  • In addition, Every piece of furniture will labelled and moved with coded stickers.
  • Packing your items and moving boxes.
  • Notification of a Bill of Lading (a shipping document) authorizing the transportation of your possessions.
  • Last but not least, safe delivery of your belongings at your new residence.



Your driver will prepare a Condition Report and an Inventory of your items. Therefore, Our movers will label every box or piece of furniture with unique numbers and colour-coded labels. Additionally, they will note each item and provide a description of any damage. The team will prepare the inventory and point out any handling concerns.


Delivery of your possessions

It is vital that you contact your move coordinator as soon as you arrive at your new location. The driver will reach out to you a minimum of 24 hours in advance of the moving truck’s expected arrival to confirm delivery arrangements.


Similarly, To speed up the process of unloading your shipment, plan each room in detail. The driver and professional movers should know exactly where your boxes and other items will be once they are unloaded and brought into your home.


The driver and the team of professional movers will reassemble all items that they have disassembled at their origin. After that, Please ensure that you check the items with the Customer Check-Off Sheet that they are in good condition once they have been brought in. If you suspect that an item was damaged in the move, or is missing, take a note on your inventory and the driver’s copies and notify your move coordinator.



Unless credit or billing arrangements have already been approved before your move, the driver will need to collect payment before your shipment is allowed to be unloaded. Charges for your shipment being stored are due immediately. Pay in cash, certified or cashier’s cheques, travelers’ cheques, or money orders payable to Perfect Timing Moving. We also accept credit cards, although personal cheques are not accepted. Your receipt will be a copy of a Bill of Lading signed in writing by the driver.



Your move coordinator can arrange for the packing of moving boxes, and take away any used packing materials. In other words, You will have to take away any moving boxes, supplies, and other items if you choose not to use a move coordinator.


It may be the perfect time to have your move with us

In conclusion, Our in-house team at Perfect Timing Moving is always ready to take your call 24/7 for any inquiries about our residential moving services. Call us today at (905) 424-5818 or contact us to get in touch and for a free quote.