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There are many things that are hard to move, but the transport of pianos is perhaps the most complicated. It is not something you should take lightly when transporting a piano. Consider that an average piano weighs in at 400lbs. That’s why you should get the help of piano movers for your piano and your safety.


These instruments are quite fragile and bulky. If they do not move properly, many parts could be damaged. Many pianos can be classified as antiques, which is an indication that they are valuable objects, and you should not try to save money in their removal process.  They must be transported with the best possible care.


How To Move a Piano

Piano transport is very complicated. That’s why there are professional piano movers who can do this job. These jobs require patience, precision, and the right tools.

We recommend that you should get the services of a specialized piano mover company that has qualified staff with experience in these specific tasks such as Perfect Timing Moving.

You could also endanger traffic if your vehicle is not specialized. We are going to share some of the tips we have learned over our years as a moving company.


Things to consider when moving a Piano

Piano Weight

Although pianos are heavy, they can be very heavy depending on their materials and the type of the piano. Therefore, it is important to adapt the right piano movers tools for the removal of a piano. A small piano may weigh 440lbs, but a grand piano can stow away at almost 1100lbs.


It’s Not an Easy Task

It doesn’t matter if the piano is smaller or lighter, it still requires cooperation from several people to be moved.


Find the Dimensions of Your Piano

It is important to know the dimensions of the piano so that you can transport it safely. A grand piano is much heavier than a smaller piano.

This makes it easier to imagine the potential output of the instrument. Normally, pianos cannot move or be transported by stairs or elevators. And you will need to use the right tools and techniques of a specialist piano mover company.


Plan the Transportation of the Piano

It will be necessary to create a conceptual tour. This will allow you to visualize the place it enters and outline where it doesn’t fit. Is there anything you need to get rid of?

The path must be clear, so it doesn’t collide with other objects. Consider whether there are any rugs, lamps, or decorative objects that might block the passageway. If so, take them out. Make sure the doors are wider enough for piano passage.

Also, consider whether there are any fixed parts that could be used to hold the piano or assist with its raising.


Reserve the Piano’s Place First

You will need to place the piano first if you are transporting other heavy objects. To ensure stability, once you have the piano in place, you can add the other items to the space. To prevent scratches, protect corners and edges with bubble wrap, Styrofoam, or other protective materials.


Protect as Much as Possible

It is easy to bump into the piano due to its size and weight. The piano should be protected in every way possible. Pay attention to the most vulnerable areas. To prevent the piano’s breaking or losing its value, you can pack material with blankets and rugs.


We Offer the Best Piano Transport and Removal Services

These are some tips for piano transport. However, it is safer to hire a professional piano mover such as Perfect Timing Moving. We have the right machinery and a team that can adapt to any situation.

If you want to ask questions like how much does it cost to move a piano? or you have any other queries, contact us today.