Millbrook movers

Millions of moves happen every year in Millbrook and it’s no surprise that most of them go without a hitch. 

However, even when you’ve done top-notch research, scams and shoddy practices are still possible. A reputable mover should have your best interests at the core of their services. 

Here are 8 ways to ensure that you are with the right moving company:


1. Document a moving inventory

A reliable moving company will do an inventory and determine the weight and volume of your move and inspect every storage area, such as cabinets, drawers, garages, and bookcases. The weight of your stuff, as well as the space that your goods take up within the truck, are two major factors in the price for a mover. 


2. Ask for a detailed walk-through

An estimator who only does a quick walkthrough without taking into account what you are planning to move will be off the mark. A skilled estimator will ask you about what you plan on moving from your current residence to your new home. 


3. Don’t pay a large deposit

Reputable moving companies won’t ask for cash or a large deposit prior to moving. Only pay for delivery. If you pay in advance, there is no way to know when you will get your belongings back. 


4. Research, research, research

The best ways to learn about a moving company these days are through word of mouth and online. Ask around as much as you can and find all the moving company’s details (and reviews) through their website and social media.


5. Avoid packing costs

Your mover may charge you extra for materials and labor. Do your research on the past experience of packers before you hire them. 


6. Beware of hidden fees

Some moving companies may charge you for materials or services without disclosing them before the actual move date. Only Perfect Timing Moving offers every customer the Honesty Contract which means that all you need to pay for is the moving company quote–and nothing else.


7. Avoid a blank contract for a move

All terms and conditions should be written on your contract, including the estimate and your pick-up and delivery times. Your moving inventory should also be filed with the contract, just to ensure that you can make a claim in the instance of loss or damage.


8. Report any issues

If your belongings were lost or damaged during the move, you have 30 (for a local move) to 60 days (for long-distance moves) to inform the mover and to successfully make a claim, according to the Office of Consumer Affairs.


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