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Affordable long-distance moving company in Bewdley

Finding a local Bewdley moving company that is exceptional in service but with a price that is still within reach is one of the best ways to save money on your move. Comparing prices is a great way to save money. By comparing prices, you can find the most affordable price for your move based on the date you choose and the time they have available.


How to choose a moving company in Bewdley

No matter how big or small your move is, a legitimate and professional moving company should offer the following without charge:

  • A quotation that is open and fair. All information should be written, including a quote and date of move that is preferable for you.
  • If asked, the moving company can provide references to recent moves.
  • All questions related to moving are answered and dealt with.
  • Politeness and the ability to make your move as easy as possible.
  • Receipts for any deposit paid (once you have signed the agreement).
  • The number of movers assigned to your move day. 


What can you expect from a mover like Perfect Timing Moving?

We specialise in long-distance moves and we like to think that we have the whole process down pat. Here’s what your experience will be like when you work with us:

  • A moving day of your choosing and schedule.
  • An Honesty Contract. We guarantee that we will not claim hidden and additional fees during your move. You only pay the rate that is on the agreement.
  • Live GPS tracking on all the trucks assigned to you move during your move day.
  • Ability to contact our in-house team 24/7 in case you need assistance during your move.
  • A highly-trained team of movers who can do the whole process from end-to-end.
  • Top-of-the-line equipment and long-distance trucks.
  • Free mattress and wardrobe boxes.
  • Comprehensive inventory. Reputable moving companies keep an inventory of all your belongings to make sure nothing gets lost during transit. It is important that you know what your company has in its moving boxes so that they can deliver them safely to your new home. 
  • Health and safety. Today, companies must have a plan for preventing the spread of COVID-19. We have a plan in place to disinfect our trucks and keep our employees and clients safe when moving. We are open to discussing our health and safety protocols. These extra steps that we take recently will hopefully help you to feel confident and safe when it comes to moving days.


We understand that long-distance moves can be complicated and stressful

Perfect Timing Moving recognizes the importance of trusting your moving company. That’s why we offer moving tips and free quotes beyond our top-quality moving services. We can do the heavy lifting and are well-respected in Bowmanville, Belleville, Newcastle, Northumberland County, Oshawa, Peterborough, Port Hope, Regional Municipality of Durham, Scarborough, Toronto, and surrounding areas as a leader in long-distance moving. We are available to assist you in getting the best out of your storage and moving services.

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