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There are many people who have been in your shoes if they’ve tried to help you find reliable movers. You’ve probably heard horror stories about moving experiences. Therefore, it’s important to do your research before you decide on who will take care of your personal belongings.

You can save money on your move by knowing what to expect and which questions you should ask. You’ll find a moving company that you can trust if you follow these tips.


7 tips to find a reputable moving company

1) Ask around for recommendations

Nearly everyone has moved at some point in their life. So ask around for people’s recommendations. Family members and friends who have recently moved are the best sources. However, you could also ask your realty agent or workplace colleagues or even post the question on your social networks, such as Facebook or a trusted group. Ask them to share their most recent experience with moving and answer specific questions, such as:

  • How was customer service?
  • Was it reasonable for the cost?
  • Did you pay any hidden fees?
  • Did they respond promptly and professionally?
  • Did they actually do what they said?

All information, no matter how positive or negative, is valuable.


2) Look at online reviews

Yelp, Facebook, and Google can give you a good idea of how a company treated customers in the past. It is possible to learn a lot about a company by looking at negative reviews.

Keep these questions in your mind when you look at online reviews:

  • Are the comments in the reviews consistent with each other?
  • Was the company able to address complaints in poor reviews?
  • Customers are raving about the company’s good reputation. What do they think sets it apart?


3) Spend some time on each mover’s website

In a moving company’s website, you should find it easy to understand what services they offer and which ones they don’t, moving tips and information, and photos and videos that illustrate their services in action.

Also, you should be able to find out the cities that the moving company service, and receive basic pricing for local moves.


4) Contact a representative

Once you have narrowed down your list of possible moving companies from recommendations and internet research, call each company or visit their location in person to speak to one of their team members. A reliable moving company should make it easy for you to contact someone during business hours.


5) Understand the pricing

Pricing for local moves is generally straightforward. However, it’s important to understand the breakdown of your charges. Most full-service movers base their pricing on the size and labour requirements of the truck they use, the time required, the materials used, as well as the hours needed. There is still the tendency for moving companies not to provide an estimate of how long it will take.

Make sure you fully understand the cost of going over the quoted time for traffic delays, loading/unloading, and breaks for workers.


6) Decide if storage is required

There are many reasons you may need temporary storage for your move.

  • The dates of your move-in or move-out don’t always coincide.
  • You are moving to another city or province and will need to sell the home you have been living in before you move to your new location.
  • You may rent a home, or live with your family and friends until you build your new home.
  • You simply want to be free to unpack in your new home.

You’ll also need to consider where you’ll store your stuff between homes. To avoid going over budget and adding extra work, you should think about how you will store your items between homes.


7) Watch out for signs of unreliable moving companies

When researching local movers it is important to be aware of red flags. Reliable moving companies will always be transparent and be able to explain their policies and costs. Pay attention to the following signs and keep your eyes peeled:

  • The full-service mover (who charges for loading, uploading, and weight taxes) doesn’t require an inspection on-site and will provide an estimate by phone or email. Although these estimates may seem appealing, it is difficult to know how heavy or large the item is. It is also impossible to estimate how long it will take.
  • The moving company requires a large cash deposit.
  • They say that their insurance covers all goods they transport. It is important to investigate each insurance option separately.
  • The company doesn’t have a local office or information regarding their insurance and business license.
  • The business will respond to your call generically, without any company name.


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