It’s essential to find a trustworthy long-distance moving company in Canada. This will not only save you time and stress but also help you reduce your risk of losing your belongings.

There are lots to choose from in terms of finding the best long-distance moving companies in Canada. But before you make a decision, compare their services and search for reviews of the top long-distance moving companies to find out what customers have to say.

Best Long Distance Moving Companies Canada

When searching for the best moving company in Canada, it is important to do your research. This will prevent unexpected costs associated with extra weight that may be charged by long-distance moving companies.

The Government of Canada has great advice to assist you in choosing a moving company. We have rounded up the important questions you need to ask long-distance movers.


6 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Long Distance Moving Company

  1. Are you looking for experienced movers?
  2. Is the moving company able to provide good customer service?
  3. How do they fit into your schedule?
  4. How flexible can a moving service be?
  5. Do you need storage between your homes?
  6. Is your quote price certain?


1) Are you getting experienced movers?

Long-distance moving companies may hire part-time movers, or subcontract their work. They may not have cross-country experience or only specialize in moving small loads across Canada.

You want to feel confident that the people you hire to move your belongings are professionals who will take care of them. Ask the company how long they have been in the business and what type of move they are most known for. Also, ask if they employ experienced workers who work together regularly or if they hire project-based employees.

Make sure to note any obstacles in your new and current home. You should pay special attention to stairs, elevators, and difficult parking. Factor in if you are moving antiques and other fragile and highly-valuable items. These can all add cost to your estimate. 


2) Does the moving company consistently provide good customer service?

Finding the best long-distance movers in Canada may take some digging through the internet or through recommendations from people you know. Get to know what previous customers are saying about the company, like

  • If they are deemed to be highly communicative with their customers.
  • And If they are sensitive to and highly protective of customers’ belongings.
  • If they are highly knowledgeable about the streets in Canada.

A long-distance moving company needs to ensure that they can entrust with tour belongings and the logistics of your move. You should be able quickly to get answers from a reliable customer service representative if you have any questions.


3) Do they work with your schedule?

When you hire long-haul full-service moving companies, it could be possible that your delivery and moving dates are not in your control. Perfect Timing Moving and most long-distance movers will offer a pickup or delivery window and should be able to arrange a time that suits your schedule.

Double booking is a problem for full-service movers and truck rental companies. In the days leading up to your move, make sure you contact your chosen company to confirm times and to ensure that your truck is not double booked.

You should receive your items when promised. If there are any issues during the move, you should communicate with them and reach an agreement.


4) How flexible can the moving company be?

Ask potential moving companies about the timelines for each stage of the process. Are they able to start and deliver at a time that suits you? If you need to alter the time of your move, are there any fees or consequences? What is their cancellation policy?

Moving day can be stressful enough as it is. Before you book, make sure the company can accommodate your needs and adjust when you need them to.


5) Do you need storage between your homes?

Temporary storage is necessary to store your belongings between homes. Make sure you don’t have to pay twice for this! Some long-distance Canadian moving companies may require you to pay one time to store your items and another to move them into your new home. Coordinate with the moving company if they have their own storage facility or if they can recommend you to one with reasonable rates.


6) Does your quote include price certainty?

It is important to understand the charges of moving companies to compare moving quotes with other options. There could be times that a lower quote is given but additional costs may be incurred during the move itself for whatever reason, so make sure to read the terms and conditions of the company. Although it is not common, unfortunate cases like these do happen. 

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