It takes a lot of energy and resources to move. Many people opt to hire movers to move to Toronto because, to be honest, it can get tedious. If you’ve wondered, “How Much Does Moving Cost in Toronto?” it will depend on whether you choose their additional services, to reduce your list of to-dos, and many other factors.

Continue reading to learn How much do movers cost in Toronto.

How Much Does Moving Cost in Toronto

Home Size Number of Movers *Approximation Duration (including 1 hr travel charge) Hourly Charge Average Cost**
1–2 BR apartment (500-1200 sq. ft.) 2 movers At least 3 hrs. $150 – $200 $650 – $1050
2–3 BR house (1100-1600 sq. ft.) 3 movers At least 5 hrs. $150 – $200 $975 – $1675
3–4 BR house (1500-2200 sq. ft.) 3-4 movers At least 7 hrs. $150 – $200 $1288 – $2088
4+BR house (2000-3000 sq. ft.) 4 movers At least 9 hrs. $150 – $200 $1600 – $2700+

*Prices may vary.

*For local move.

*Tax not included.

**Includes tip.

What are the factors that affect moving costs in Toronto?

Moving truck and house

Size of your home and number of movers

The cost of moving to Toronto will depend on the size of your house and how many movers you hire for the job. An elevator fee may be charged to residents who live in tall buildings and need extra effort to move.

An elevator fee might be charged in smaller buildings because movers have to adjust their moving methods and it may take longer. A long carry fee is another fee that movers may charge.

If the movers cannot park directly in front of your property or must transport the items longer than normal (over 45 meters).


Seasonality: Time of the Year

When is the best time to move to Toronto? Plan your move between September through April to save money and stress, as most leases expire in the middle of the year. This means that May to August is the most expensive, most hectic time to move.

Moving during a certain time of the year is sometimes necessary. However, the cost of the move will be affected by when you move. To avoid snowstorms and slippery roads, spring and summer are the best seasons to move.

This is a benefit for moving companies that increase their fees up to 25%-30% in warmer months. Because fewer people move during the winter and fall, rates are stable.


Distance and Duration

Your move’s duration and cost will be affected by the distance movers have to travel to get to you. and the distance to your new home. Local moves are typically 100km or less in distance and are therefore the most affordable.

Long-distance moves can be quite costly because of the need to transport gas, secure transport, and employer salaries. International moves are the most costly as moving containers need to be rented for thousands of dollars.

An additional fee will be added to your bill if your move is delayed by even one hour. Moving costs in Toronto, Ontario are approximately $150-200 an hour for 2 movers and one truck.



This is not mandatory, but it is a common manner of doing business. Tipping movers should be between $4 to $6 an hour. Tip amounts will vary depending on how good the service was and the average is $25 per mover.

You can gauge how much you tip your movers by looking at their manner of moving your stuff, their professionalism, punctuality, cleanliness, and the attitude they have.


Extra Services

Moving companies offer additional services that can make your move easier. Some movers charge an extra fee for packing boxes and in some cases, storage costs Toronto and piano movers Toronto. These services can be added to save you time and stress.


How can you reduce moving costs?

You can reduce your moving expenses even if you hire movers. These tips can help you decrease your moving expenses exponentially if you have more time.

  • Renting a truck instead of movers. You can rent a moving truck for $20 per day + $0.90/per kilometer and insurance of $25. A moving truck that travels 40km will cost you only $56 per day. A moving truck rental is 92% less than hiring movers to move a 1-bedroom apartment.
  • Unpacking and packing by yourself. Although packing can seem daunting, it is possible to do it quickly if you get started early and do some each day.
  • Buying used moving boxes. These can be purchased in your local grocery or online at websites such as Amazon or Facebook Marketplace.
  • Trusting a moving company like Perfect Timing Moving. You can get all the help you need with a full-service moving company. Because experts will be handling your move, you will save on costs, time, and effort in planning. To help you stay organized, Perfect Timing Moving will also share handy tips to help you out.