Perfect Timing Moving | Local People - Great Service - 5 Star Customer Service - Family Company - 24/7 ServicePerfect Timing Moving’s commercial movers have the highest level of experience and training for any type of commercial move. Our high-quality standards will benefit your business as well as the assurance that you’re working with professionals who are ready for anything, even the impossible.

Qualified commercial movers will not just pick up your belongings and take them to the next place. They will also work with you to create a moving plan that suits your needs. 


Commercial moving services in Fraserville, Ontario

Commercial moving companies can help you move your business quickly and efficiently so that your operations can start again. Perfect Timing Moving offers commercial moving services during weekends, evenings, and over the weekend.

Moving your company is an essential step in developing your business. Choosing the right commercial mover is just as important as hiring qualified employees. Commercial moving services are more in demand than ever with the rise of startups and emerging businesses. When choosing a company that will move your commercial goods, make sure you only hire a moving company with highly trained and qualified professionals.


Vast options for commercial moving services

Our personnel has been able to learn and master the following areas because Hercules has a complete focus on commercial moving services.

  • Office Moving – We have all the equipment and techniques needed to move your office furniture, computers, electronics, and workstations.
  • Corporate Relocation Moving – Our highly-rated top-notch corporate moving services will save you time and energy and have a positive effect on your employees’ productivity.
  • Commercial Equipment Removal – We can help you relocate any commercial equipment, from small electronic devices to large industrial machines.
  • Furniture Installation – Our highly skilled movers will assist you in assembling and installing your furniture on time.
  • IT Moving – Whether you require professional computer transport, relocation, or any other IT equipment, each item will have its label and be carefully transported.
  • White-Glove Commercial Moving – Our movers provide complete, full-service commercial moving services for businesses and corporations.

We also offer:

  1. Industrial Moving – We will pack, crate, and move heavy machinery and industrial equipment with great care.
  2. Hospitals and Laboratories Removal – We will carefully pack and relocate your labour to any medical institution. We can also handle any fragile scientific equipment.
  3. Exhibit and Trade Show Relocation – If you are participating in any trade shows, our commercial moving company can assist you with any tradeshow exhibit or display moving and installation.
  4. High-Value Item Moving – Let our professionals deal with your newly sold antiques, works of art, and other precious and rare items.
  5. Crating Services – Our commercial movers will construct a wooden container that can hold your items.
  6. Furniture and Appliance Movers – We will move your office furniture and large appliances efficiently and safely using specialized equipment and padding techniques.
  7. School, Library, and University Moving – Our reliable commercial movers have extensive experience in moving large private and public institutions.

Perfect Timing Moving offers state-of-the-art trucks equipped with commercial moving equipment such as hand trucks, furniture platform dollies, and machine rollers. Our business moving company can also help you rent plastic bins to move your papers, books, and archives.


Plan your commercial moves with us before the actual move date

We have a wealth of experience in commercial moving and are eager to help you improve your business. We offer complete-service commercial moving and a customized moving plan. This is how a commercial and business move should be planned and executed.

  • Consultation with our commercial relocation specialist prior to moving.
  • Commercial moving cost estimate.
  • Planning and creation of a checklist for pre-move.
  • Planning for office space.
  • A written quotation with professional advice and moving tips.
  • Complete-service commercial relocation labelling, packing, and unpacking.
  • Placement, removal, and installation of commercial assets.
  • Clean up and debris removal.

At Perfect Timing moving, we go the extra mile to ensure that your commercial move goes without a hitch. We will help you from planning all the way to executing your commercial or business move. Call us today at (905) 424-5818 to book your move.

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