Best Way to Pack Shoes When Moving

You are days away from moving into your new home but don’t know what to do with your belongings like your shoes to be exact. With the many types of footwear available, from formal shoes to thigh-high boots, each kind requires different ways to care for them, with other types of shoes more difficult to pack than others.

As top movers in Belleville, we know that leaving your shoes in your old house is not an option so we have put together the best tips to pack shoes for move.

How to pack shoes for moving

First off, you should clean your shoes and stuff them with socks to keep their shape. Wrap them in packing paper, then put them in a cardboard or plastic box.

1. Take a look at all your shoes

You will never know what you have unless you take inventory.

Before you start thinking about how to pack shoes for moving, you need to know what shoes you currently own and if they still fit.

2. Decide which to donate, throw away, or keep

Like clothes, shoes have only 3 ends: throw them away, donate or keep them.

When should shoes be thrown away?
Damaged shoes either need to be repaired or by throwing them all together. There is no need to complicate your life.

When should shoes be donated?
We all go through phases, and deciding which footwear to donate is one of those stages. You can donate a pair of shoes or sneakers that are in good condition but do not match your style to those who need them.

You can Google the many organizations that accept donations of clothes and shoes near you.

When should you keep your shoes?
Keep shoes that are in good condition. These are the only shoes that deserve to make it through the moving journey with you.

3. Care for the shoes that you want to keep

Packing shoes for moving should be fairly easy, as long as the shoes you keep are clean. Never keep dirty shoes, especially if you don’t know when you will be using them again. The dirt can damage shoes.

Leather is the shoe material that needs the most attention. If you own leather shoes or sneakers, follow these steps to clean them.

How to clean leather shoes?

  • Wash the shoelaces.
  • Use a soft bristle brush to clean the sole.
  • Clean the inside of your shoe.
  • Use a flannel to clean the leather surface.
  • Use a nourishing cream for leather.
  • Dry the shoe in a ventilated, shaded place.
  • Place your shoes in the box.

How to clean suede sneakers?

  • Wash the pins.
  • Brush suede shoes.
  • Use a leather eraser.
  • Continue to brush the surface.
  • Apply a suede protector to the sole of your shoe.
  • It should be allowed to act in a cool, ventilated place.
  • Keep them in their boxes.

4. Sock your shoes

Socks or old underwear can keep your shoes in shape while you move. What can I do if my socks and underwear are already in a box?

Stuff them with packing paper or plastic bags is the fastest option. The most important thing to do is to preserve the shape of the shoes.

5. Categorize your shoes

To make packing shoes for moving easier and more organized, we recommend grouping similar types of shoes together so that you can find them easily once you’ve settled into your new home. Here are some basic guidelines:

Pack your best shoes individually.

The best shoes are usually the most expensive or highest quality. Bubble wrap the shoes in their boxes to protect them from damage during transit.

Tie sneakers by their laces.

Sneakers are not like dress shoes and can be tossed in a big box without much care. It is a good idea to tie each pair of shoes by the laces, even though nothing can happen to them. This will ensure that you can take out the shoe and its pair when you are done.

Pack seasonal shoes in another box.

All of us have shoes we only wear in certain seasons. You won’t wear high boots in the summer and Franciscan sandals during winter. It is best to separate shoes from the season, as it is most likely that these will be kept in the box longer than the rest.

6. Use tea bags to deodorize shoes

Many shoes will be left in boxes for at least a week after the move. While you unpack and clean up your new place, you will need to keep your shoes closed during this time. This will prevent them from getting developing foul odors.

Aside from store-bought shoe deodorizers, tea bags are one of the best home remedies to remove odors from shoes.

Tannins in black tea will kill bacteria and eliminate odor from your shoes as tea bags absorb moisture which creates a foul smell.

7. Use only clean packing paper

  • A newspaper can be used as a substitute for wrapping paper for household items but not for shoes.
  • Stains can be left behind by newspaper, wrapping paper, or colored tissue paper.
  • To avoid inconveniences like this, use only new packaging paper to wrap shoes.

8. Store shoes in the appropriate moving shoe boxes

The million-dollar question: should you store your shoes in plastic or cardboard boxes?

They should be cardboard moving shoe boxes as they are breathable and keep the shoes from becoming moldy.

But if you don’t plan on storing your shoes after the move, plastic containers are practical and allow you to quickly identify what’s inside. This can even be very useful for unpacking.

How to best store shoes even after the move?

Your shoes should not be on the ground but also avoid storing your shoes on wire shelves. Sort your shoes into different categories and consider whether separate shoe storage is necessary.

Clear moving shoe boxes with lids are best. It is also ok to invest in shoe containers if your closet is filled with pricier fancy heels. Over-the-door organizers can be used to store flats, sandals, and slip-on just as well.

What is the best way to pack shoes when moving with multiple pairs?

Make sure you pack every pair from heel to toe with the soles facing in opposite directions, similar to shoe box storage.

Place your shoes on the bottom of your suitcase, with one sole facing the wall. Continue with the other pairs of shoes, stacking them one on top of another to save parcel space.

You can wash your shoes before you pack them–if you have enough time to ensure that they will be completely dry by the time you move. This will keep them from collecting dirt, odors, and dust during your journey to your new home.

To summarize

The move is a time when we often find lost treasures, but also the time we realize that others are not as valuable as they once were.

With shoes, it is because of sentimentality that we keep them. We keep shoes because they were given to us by a special person because we remember a moment or place that we wore them.

While it is normal and valid, we should still see our move as an opportunity for renewal and, if possible, to help others.

Remember, you can divide your shoes into three groups: throw, donate, or keep. And for professional movers to help you how to pack your shoes for moving (and other valuables), call on Perfect Timing Moving today! We are one of the best long distance moving companies in Canada.


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