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One of the most nerve-wracking projects is moving house. Clothing is the most important item to prepare for when moving. It is the one thing that can make the difference between a clean and organized move and one that is chaotic. If you’re unsure how to move your clothes so that everything arrives in its proper place, then take a look at this information we will tell you the best way to pack clothes when moving.


How to pack clothes when moving

How to pack clothes for a move is both an art and a science–we like to say it’s one of the keys to a smooth and orderly move. This is crucial because many people think packing clothes for moving is easy and requires only a few suitcases or canvas bags.

It is vital to make sure that garments don’t get damaged or wet when being moved from one place to the next. It is important to pack your clothes properly and use the appropriate packaging materials to transport them.

We are going to share a few tips on how to pack clothes for a move, so you’re ready for whatever important task comes your way.


Start to collect moving boxes, moving bags for clothes and other packing materials

As you start to pack clothes for moving, it is essential to have a variety of cardboard boxes in stock and to purchase the necessary packing materials such as these:

  • Labels, markers, and scissors: To label and code bags and boxes, and so be able to identify their contents. It can also be used to identify boxes containing special care items.
  • Duct Tape: You will need enough tape and a dispenser to speed up your workflow.
  • Newspaper: To wrap or fill fragile objects (glass, crockery, and kitchen utensils).
  • Bubble wrap and foam protection for wrapping: This helps cushion any bumps during the move.
  • Heavy Duty Garbage bags: Differentiate the bags with your belongings from the garbage bags by color
  • Use cardboard boxes to store everything.


Sort and arrange clothes correctly

A major problem with clothes is that clothes can accumulate quickly, and before you know it, all of our closet space is taken up by clothes we don’t use anymore.

That’s why moving is a great time to get rid of clothes that are worn out, damaged, or that you don’t want to wear again. It can be given away, donated to charity, or even sold online.

You can vacuum pack your garments in bags that are airtight to make them take up less space. And you can also reserve old towels and clothes to transport fragile items such as glassware or crockery.

Also, you can start to sort your clothes into three groups. Those you use most often, those you don’t wear very often, and those you only wear for special occasions.

Once you have chosen the garments you want to bring with you, now can arrange them by color, size, or type.


Assign suitcases and boxes according to the type of clothing

Once your clothes are organized in certain categories, stack them according to size and place them into boxes or suitcases that have been specifically designed for each set.

You can, for example, use small boxes for certain items and larger suitcases for warm clothes.


It is possible to separate everyday items from the ones you use less often

After the first day of moving in, you won’t likely be able to finish unpacking. It is recommended that keep a small bag with you so that you can store a few clothes while you organize your wardrobe.


Keep your clothes neatly and efficiently packed

Folding your clothes efficiently is one of the best ways to save space in your luggage.

If you don’t have enough suitcases to fit your entire wardrobe. You could use smaller packages to store more delicate or valuable garments.


Try to pack clothes in small boxes

Small boxes are better than large ones when it comes to packing too many clothes. If the clothes are extremely heavy, the bottom can break and all the clothes will end up scattered halfway between our house and the moving truck.


Use travel suitcases if you can do so

However, if you have a lot of clothes to transport, you can use a travel suitcase to carry them. You can fold the garments and stack them one after another.

This way, no matter how heavy the suitcase, all of our clothes will be safe inside.

You may have noticed that organizing our move is the most important. It is crucial to make sure everything runs smoothly. Also, remember to pack your clothes carefully.


Need more help?

If you are still not sure what is the best way to pack clothes when moving or you don’t have time for packing, Contact us today and let us do all the hard work for you.